Learning about sexual development

Internet Not Required

How many times have you heard of a new app for the rural poor that is great – except for the fact that it requires internet access?

After years of working in impoverished rural communities, we know that internet access is the least of community worries. Finally, we have what we’ve all been waiting for – application programs that work offline from internet access!

Specifically developed for rural areas that lack internet service, these programs are the result of collaborative efforts with Santa Clara University School of Engineering, SCU Frugal Innovation Labs and SCU College of Arts & Sciences.

Now you can teach community members vital information about family health, neonatal care and MHM with our Hedhi Help, OmwanaThrive, and Healthy Future programs. Our primary objective is to educate the rural woman how to feed and care for her children to reduce malnutrition and preventable deaths of children.

For information how to purchase any of these application programs, please send an email: info@youlearnacademies.org.

Our application programs have been developed to run on Android based technology.

Hedhi Help
Sexual Development/MHM Application

Hedhi Help – Sexual Development App

Hedhi Help is an application program for the Android tablet that covers sexual development, menstruation, PMS, the menstrual cycle and myths & misconceptions. Included is a resource directory of nearby clinics with mapping (Uganda specific). Developed for rural applications; available on Google Play.

Neonatal Health
Neonatal Health Application

OmwanaThrive – Neonatal Health App

OmwanaThrive is a neonatal health application program for the Android tablet. This app features healthy practices for a mother and her newborn, a list of nearby facilities (Uganda specific) and a unique messaging feature to remind moms of vaccination and checkup appointments.

Healthy Future
Family Health and Disease Prevention App

Healthy Future

Healthy Future is a compilation of healthcare and disease prevention booklets in an easy to use Android app. This app let’s you scroll through reams of material at the touch of your fingertip. The app currently includes the following booklets: feminine health, nutrition, WASH, Diarrheal Disease Prevention, Alcohol Addiction, and Anxiety/Mental Health.

Now you can go into the field with a lightweight Android tablet and access a wide selection of healthcare lessons. We are continually adding to this app so please let us know if you have a specific need. Please email: info@youlearnacademies.org.