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Healthy for Life is a resounding success

Healthy for Life is a resounding success

Sixty-one young women gave moving testimony last Tuesday as they recounted over and over again how their lives have changed thanks to Rose Academies-Uganda’s Healthy for Life Program.

Healthy for Life was grant funded by AstraZeneca Young Health Programme to address the critical shortage of community health workers in Uganda. Sixty-one women were chosen from the impoverished Buikwe District to participate in the year long program. Lessons were taught using Rose Academies’ proven successful traditional & tech educational methods that included feminine health & hygiene, nutrition, antenatal/neonatal care, water & sanitation, agriculture and economic enterprise.

One of the requirements to participate in Healthy for Life program is for each woman to reach out to at least 10 neighboring families to share what they have learned.  Over 1,161 persons benefitted from this initial pilot program that not only met expectations, but exceeded them by 230% over target! 

Due to its overwhelming success, plans are in place to implement the program in other impoverished communities located throughout Uganda.

NOW AVAILABLE!!! Our Healthy for Life Guidebook Part I is now available for download!