What’s New?

What’s New?

May is the month we celebrate the female starting on May 14th, when we celebrate Mother’s Day. Then on May 28th is the day we celebrate menstruation, or Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Our platform is all about education, so it is very fitting that we are advocating this year for equal access to reproductive health education, safe environments, freedom from stigma and accessible sanitary products.

Our section on reproductive health offers a wide selection of booklets that explain about the many facets of the human’s reproductive system. From puberty, to pregnancy, to neonatal health we have you covered. Check out our Hedhi Help (sexual development booklet for young adolescents) and Omwana Thrive (neonatal healthcare for new moms).

Also, if you are thinking of making reusable pads, be sure to download our pattern and instructions. No one who menstruates should be without sanitary materials that keep them from menstruating with dignity.

Rose Reusable Pad Pattern

Our reusable pads are very easy to make, use and launder. Over 10,000 women and girls have learned to make their own pads and are able to menstruate with dignity.

In case you are wondering…. #WeAreCommitted to ensuring everyone has access to knowledge about healthcare!

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