Healthy Families

Healthy Families

Making Healthcare Education Accessible for All!

Exciting news as we expand our healthcare booklets for Ugandan VHTs! Healthy for Life Training Guide can be easily downloaded onto any mobile device! Now anyone that teaches in Uganda can download healthcare information FREE of CHARGE! That’s making healthcare accessible for everyone!

Healthy 4 Life Guide book Part I- NOW Available in PDF format!!

Healthy 4 Life Program is our proven successful train the trainers approach to training women to be community health educators. This guidebook is translated into Luganda for the VHT’s use as they teach out in the community.

Part I covers maternal, infant, and adolescent healthcare.


Addiction to alcohol gives an overview of addiction vs. substance abuse, some causes, and treatments.

Diarrheal Disease

Learn about diarrheal disease and why it is a leading killer of children, prevention and treatment.

Stay Healthy with Fruits and Vegetables

This guide shows that you can meet your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals even if you don’t eat meat. A great pocket companion for those who worry about keeping a nutritious diet as they avoid meat.

Prenatal Nutrition

This guide explains about the importance of prenatal health, nutrition and practicing healthy choices.

Urinary Infections

Learn about urinary infections, causes, symptoms and treatments.


Every health extension worker will want to add this booklet to their library as it gives clear and simple explanations why everyone should be vaccinated.

Just For Kids

Our kids corner includes an empowerment coloring book for teens, one to learn about bacteria, and more. As we grow, so will our list of resources that are designated for the kid in each of us.

Puberty Coloring Book

You Can Do It! is an empowerment coloring book for youth that are struggling with their self-identity and confidence.

WASH Coloring Booklet

Learn about WASH and the importance of washing your hands while coloring in this activity coloring booklet.

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