Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are a leading cause of death in rural poor areas. An infectious disease occurs when a microorganism enters a person’s body and causes harm. We have included some of the more common diseases but will add as time goes on. Our booklets are presented in a storybook format that gives an explanation how the disease is spread, prevention and treatment.


Mr. Boo Gets Cholera tells the story of a village man that gets cholera and discovers that his latrine is causing his water source to be contaminated.

Dengue Fever

A booklet that describes the causes, symptoms and treatment of dengue fever.


A booklet about diphtheria, causes, symptoms and treatment.

Ebola: Education and Prevention

Ebola is a highly infectious hemorrhagic disease that without treatment is fatal. Thanks to our group of graduate students at Texas A&M, we have a clear understanding of the disease, how it is spread, symptoms and methods of prevention. We will soon add in the research documents that support their findings.


A story about a boy that finds out that he has been infected with HIV. He learns about HIV and AIDs, treatment, myths and misconceptions.


A storybook about a girl named Andy that is living with HIV; she tells the story how she is able to lead a normal life.


A storybook about a girl named Mabel that gets Malaria, her symptoms and treatments.


Belle Learns About Measles talks about symptoms, causes, prevention and home treatment.

Meningitis Man

This super hero teaches about meningitis, symptoms, and treatment.


This booklet explains about the differences of bacterial and viral meningitis, causes, symptoms and treatment.


This booklet discusses about the different ways you can get pneumonia, symptoms and treatment. For severe cases, medical treatment is advised.


A very contagious disease that can cause paralysis.


A booklet that discusses the symptoms of TB, causes, and treatment.


Tiana teaches about typhoid disease, causes, prevention, and what to do for home treatment.


Zoey learns about Zika, its causes, symptoms and home treatment.

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