About Us

We make learning easy.

YouLearn Academies was born out of the concept of organizing all of Rose Academies‘ educational booklets, pamphlets and resources into a resource center for community based educators. Since 2014, Rose Academies has been educating the rural poor about menstruation, sexual development, WASH, and reproductive health. Today, thousands of women, youth and disabled persons have learned how to be self-sufficient and handle their menses with dignity.

Village women proudly show their handmade reusable pads.
Proud woman
Villager shows off her handiwork.

Sustainable Solutions

From the beginning, we understood that girls dropped out of school due to the onset of menarche and were unable to afford purchasing disposable pads. We began teaching how to make reusable pads as a sustainable solution to an age old problem. Our pad pattern is available in our Reproductive Health section.

Our storybook approach is now being used throughout rural Uganda teaching villagers about multiple tropical diseases, how to make reusable sanitary pads, neonatal health, reproductive health, HIV, heart disease, diabetes and more. These booklets are all available for YouLearn Members to download in our Library. Not a member? Simply register here!

We work in rural communities that lack modern conveniences, electricity, and internet. We have created the means of bringing technology into those communities and are revolutionizing the way we teach healthcare. See our products in e-Learning.

Despite challenges of COVID19, we are reaching out to remote villages and teaching young mothers how to care for their newborns.

Teaching healthcare
Teaching about healthcare for newborns.

Our success is measured by the lives we have changed; a simple approach to learning is saving thousands of lives.