Children are dying for lack of healthcare information.

Millions of children die every year as a result of preventable deaths.

When girls are raised to believe their sole purpose in life is to produce children and follow generations of family traditions of living in rural villages, it is no surprise that women remain illiterate and unknowledgeable about health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation.

YouLearn Academies was developed for you, the community based educator. We want to share our healthcare and disease prevention booklets with you so that persons living in remote areas can learn about disease symptoms, causes, prevention methods, myths, misconceptions, and any home remedies that may be used.

Join us as we address high mortality rates of infants and children. Let’s teach women about the severity of untreated disease so that children will prosper and thrive. Register today and begin teaching community members in a format that they understand.

We hope you find our educational booklets as useful as we have in teaching the rural poor about the importance of healthcare and disease prevention so that lives can be saved.

Susan Stasi

CEO, Rose Academies/YouLearn Academies

We make learning easy.