e-Learning for the Rural Poor

e-Learning for the Rural Poor

Internet Not Required

How many times have you heard of a new app for the rural poor that is great – except for the fact that it requires internet access?

After years of working in impoverished rural communities, we know that internet access is the least of community worries. Our programs were specifically developed for rural areas that lack internet service while providing vital information about family health, neonatal care, disease prevention and nutrition. Our primary objective is to educate the rural woman how to feed and care for her children to reduce malnutrition and preventable deaths of children.

For more information about these apps: info@youlearnacademies.org.

Healthy for Life Program Part I – now available!

This training guide is the basis for our successful Healthy for Life Program. Now in a 3 part format, community health educators can freely download this guidebook that is written in both English and Luganda! Part I covers Maternal, Child, Adolescent Health with easy to understand lessons for the Ugandan rural woman. Part II and III are soon to be released.

Hedhi Help – MHM / Sexual Development

Learn about sexual development, menstruation, the menstrual cycle and more with Hedhi Help. First developed in 2018 as an Android application program to teach rural girls in Uganda about feminine health. This program has been highly successful and is now taught throughout Uganda. Also available on Google Play.

OmwanaThrive – Neonatal Health App

OmwanaThrive is our neonatal health application program that has been well received in the rural communities where we work. Young mothers learn how to care for their newborn in this easy-to-understand program.

Now available in pdf format for free downloading.

Healthy Future

Healthy Future is a compilation of healthcare and disease prevention booklets in an easy to use Android app. This app let’s you scroll through reams of material at the touch of your fingertip. The app includes the following booklets: feminine health, nutrition, WASH, Diarrheal Disease Prevention, Alcohol Addiction, and Anxiety/Mental Health.

Akafuba (TB) Educational Program

Akafuba Educational Program is an extensive overview about TB in a condensed, easy to understand format for the low literate learner. The lesson covers what is TB, how it spreads, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. This program cuts into the mysteries surrounding this highly infectious disease.

Obulamu Eats – Nutrition Guide

A nutrition guide for girls living in Uganda. Beginning from infancy to adulthood, this guide helps a girl understand why her diet changes as she grows and matures.

Ishara Help – Sign Language Helper

A simple offline Uganda sign language dictionary. This app was developed to aid the deaf woman who goes to the clinic without her interpreter.

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