Neonatal Health Guidebook

Neonatal Health Guidebook

Omwana Thrive Guidebook is Here!

We are excited to announce the arrival of our Omwana Thrive Guidebook that has been translated into Luganda for those who work in healthcare services. The booklet has been divided into 4 sections for ease of download and use. Now VHTs, Clinicians, community healthcare workers and educators have access to our proven successful neonatal health program that explains in easy to understand format how to care for a newborn infant.

Omwana Thrive Part I: Mama Care

This guide helps the new mother to understand the many changes she will experience in her new role as a mother. Now translated into Luganda, Part I is the easy to understand guidebook for VHTs that work out in the field.

Omwana Thrive Part II: Lactation

This section addresses most aspects of nursing an infant. There are several do’s and dont’s to clarify what is important to follow so that you have a healthy and strong infant.

Omwana Thrive Part III: When Baby gets sick

No matter how hard you may try, babies will get sick at one time or another. This section addresses common illnesses, prevention and when to go to the doctor.

Omwana Thrive Part IV. Hygiene

Part IV, Hygiene shows the new mother about the importance of maintaining good hygiene for the prevention of disease. Translated into Luganda, this section helps explain why washing hands is important to keep newborns and infants healthy.