Research Studies

Research Studies

Graduate students attending Texas A&M School of Public Health have provided us with a wealth of research data. We are proud to present some of our favorite reports.

Cervical Cancer Focus Group Program

This study was done by MPH student, Andrea Diarte. She has created a program designed to utilize our Senga Safe Application Program in small groups to encourage interaction among the women. She has broken out the program into segments: workshop, focus group questions, and evaluation. The literature review is included.

TB Data Analysis Report

This study was done by MPH student, Amber Pina. She and her group members conducted a survey in the region of Buikwe, Uganda where there is a high prevalence of TB. Her report confirms the fact that distance to clinics and the lack of knowledge about TB are primary factors that keep people from seeking early diagnosis and treatment.

Her literature review confirms the need for a TB education program.

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